This page describes each position. You can go to the Signup Genius and pick the job(s) and shift(s) you would like to work on the days you wish to serve.
Position descriptions:

1. Coordinator – this position will direct all activities, making sure people are where they need to be and jobs are getting done.
He/she will be the liaison between the Greek Festival board and our volunteers. 1 needed per shift. This person should be a
director/ head coach from your organization. This must be an adult.

2. Floater –
this position will float around. They will assist the Coordinator with making sure people are where they need to be
and jobs are getting done. He/she will fill in for positions that need an extra hand temporarily (i.e. if someone needs to go to
the bathroom). 1 needed per shift. This must also be an adult.
a. Coordinator and Floater will make sure people get signed in!

3. Outside (Trash and other needs) – This position will roam the complex, inside and out, checking garbage cans, taking full
garbage cans, rolling them to the dumpster, having them emptied, and returning the cans to their position. They will also
assist with removing trays from the tables and returning them to the cleaning station, and helping out with whatever else may
need done for the good of the festival.  Kids 9 and up can do this.                     

4. Tables and Trays in the Big Tent – this group will roam the tent, picking up trays and returning them to the cleaning tent to be
cleaned. At least one will clean the trays to be returned to the stacks in lines at the Gyro/meal station. 1 to 2 will do the cleaning;
3-4 will do the collecting and returning. The cleaners should be adults or older teenagers. The others can be kids, but should
probably be at least 10 but under 10 kids did it last year.                       

5. Tables and Trays in the Gym – this group will be in the gym, doing the same thing those in the tent are doing, they are just handling
it inside. (A/C). 4 are needed for this job. These can be 3 kids and 1 adult. 

6. Ice and Pop Movers – this group will move ice from the freezer truck to the ice machines. They will also ice down pop in a trough
and then move it to vendor booths. Placing it in their troughs. 3 are needed for this job. All 3 can be kids and should be teenagers,
provided they are motivated. Otherwise, at least one adult needs to be involved. 

7. Dishwashers in Kitchen – Different from trays in the tent and gym, these workers will wash dishes from the kitchen and booths as
needed. At least 2 are needed for this job. They can be teenagers and preteens as long as they are self-motivated. 

8. Lift Supervisor at Trucks – Two years ago we had a near catastrophe at the ice truck when a kid’s foot was smashed while
another was raising platform. Fortunately, the raiser stopped and reversed immediately upon hearing the other yell. This person
must be an adult and will make sure no person on the platform has any body parts in the pinch zones. He/she will actually work
the controls when feasible and everyone is clear. One person is needed for this job. This is great for someone who has trouble
getting around or needs to hang out in one place. 

9. Lemon and Feta Cheese Slicer in Kitchen – These people will be in the kitchen actually slicing lemons and feta cheese. It should be
an adult, but a responsible older teenager can probably do it. Two people are needed for this position.

10. Event clean up each night. We need a minimum of 4 people working this each night. Extras are always welcome. The more
people we have, the quicker things get finished.

11. After Event Break Down on Sunday – This is still a relatively new position for us this year, so it is a little awkward and clumsy. I
suspect the more we do it, the better we will get at it. It involves moving some of the equipment back into the church, offices, and
gym, but it also entails getting just about everything broken down except the tents. It is listed as 6-9, but it will actually last as long
as it takes to get the job done. It took us less than 2 hours last year, but we don’t know how long this will actually take. 6 slots
are listed for this job, but the more we have, the quicker it gets finished and all go home sooner.