Greek Festival

THE GREEK FESTIVAL is one of our major FUNDRAISERS that we participate in each year in order to keep our Eagle Youth Football Program alive and financially viable.  Participation in the Greek Festival Fundraiser is *mandatory* for our EYF families. This gives us an opportunity to earn a significant portion of our operating expenses for each year over the course of ONE WEEKEND.
Our Eagle Youth Football Fundraisers help to keep our registration costs among the lowest in the Miami Valley. 

We just ask our players and families to help us accomplish this.

EYF partners with Eagle Youth Wrestling and Lacrosse to provide workers to help put on the GREEK FESTIVAL in Dayton.

It is *very* SIMPLE. We provide people to work shifts doing various fun jobs and they pay us, lierally thousands of dollars for our efforts.

Our people sign up to work the shift of your choice doing the job of your choice and they pay us for each shift that our people show up and work.

To see the jobs and shifts available, click this link.  

The "Sign up Genius" will appear, simply add your name in the slot on the day you wish to serve, for the job you would like to perform at the day time that you would like to do it.
Some of the jobs require adults (and the Sign up Genius specifies which) but most of the jobs are kid friendly, so your player and non-playing siblings can join in and your whole family can serve together!
**Please be sure to note that you are representing FOOTBALL (or CHEERLEADING) when you choose your shift."

We provide supervision for all of the jobs along with clear and easy instructions. This is an EASY and quick way for you to help insure that Eagle Youth Football is funded in order fus to continue serving kids as we are serving your player or cheerleader.


FREE ADMISSION TO THE GREEK FESTIVAL  for the entire day on the day that you work. 

A FREE MEAL also on the day that you work.
The more days you work, the more you get. (Up to $15.00 in free admissions for the whole weekend and up to an additional $5.00 savings per meal.) And.... The food is GREAT - the festival is a LOT OF FUN...
It is one of Dayton' premiere Summer Events, an you can attend the WHOLE WEEKEND FOR FREE.... And get a free meal each day in the process.

Our organization is paid on a per shift basis, each shift that you work puts money back into our organization.
You *must* show up and work a shift in order to be paid.    Report to the tent near the side entrance to sign in and be recorded for your shift..

Click the link to sign up.  

Questions?  Contact Coach Walker, or your Head Coach or Matt Brown for info on the Greek Festival Fundraiser. 

See you at the Greek Festival!

Thank you for helping to keep our Eagle Youth Football organization Strong and healthy!

God bless and GO Eagles!