What to Bring

Thanks for registering for Football Summer camp at CJ.

My name is Marcus Colvin, and I am fortunate to be the Head Football Coach at Chaminade Julienne. With camp coming up next week,  I wanted to provide you some information to help you prepare for our 3 days of work (June 25-June 27).

What to bring each day.
1. Cleats & Tennis Shoes- Some of our camp will take place inside the school building so it is important that each camper has tennis shoes as well as cleats. Cleats are not allowed to be worn inside the school building.
***IF you do not have cleats, it is NOT imperative that you go out and purchase a pair. Your camper can survive camp without cleats, although cleats will help in some of our daily drills

2. Small lunch- We will take a small lunch break every day around 12:00pm. I am asking that each camper bring a packed lunch/snack for each day of camp. Please use your own cooling system for your lunch box as we will not have access to a refrigerator. 

3. A Source for water (Jug or Bottle)-
We will provide during the duration of the camp, but we ask each camper to bring their own water bottle. We will have scheduled water breaks throughout the day and they will be free to fill their water bottles as much as possible.

Where is drop off and Pick Up?
You will drop off and pick up at the Student Conditioning Center (SCC), which is just north of the stadium off of Eaker Street. 
You can drop off anytime between 8:30am,-9:00am (Camp Starts at 9) and Pick up at 3:00pm. Please be prompt!

What is provided to each camper?
Each camper will receive a t-shirt as well as a daily snack at the end of each day. 

Check in at Registration on Day 1
Remember, even though you have pre-registered please check in at Registration on the 1st day. While we have all your information, we want to make sure we meet you and check the information one more time before we proceed with camp. Please do not drop off and leave on the first day. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. We are looking forward to a great days of football instruction, and again, very thankful to you for you interest in Chaminade Julienne and Chaminade Julienne Football.

Thanks and Go Eagles,