Registration Info.

EAGLE YOUTH FOOTBALL, (EYF)  is incorporporated and a certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, status 509(a)(2) public charity. Office Address: 55 Redder Ave. Dayton, OH 45405. All donations are IRS tax Deductible. Our charitable offerings are for the purpose of Educating and Developing Students through sport, specifically Youth Football and Cheerleading. We believe that the successful participation in sport provides our Coaches, as mentors, many opportunities to teach our student athletes through an ample number of life lessons that participation, preparation, and friendly competition provides.

OUR ONLINE PORTAL plans is to provide varios offerings payable either online (with credit or debit cardt) via he Eafles Youth Football website or in person  such as at te gate for Admission to home games, or to purchase certain EYF "gear" such as T'shirts, hoodies, etc.

PRICING for home games is:
$4.00 Adults
$1.00 for Students (K thru 12)
$8.00 Family Maximuum (Family = blood relatives)

PRICING & PRODUCTS offerings varies by item  Such as pre sale of tickets ($16.00) to our annual EYF FISH FRY Fundraiser, held each NFL "Super Bowl Saturday" in February.  Prices for other individual items to be announced (TBA), along with the Start and End dates of the sale of such items.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY - Shipping and delivery times are set by the individual vendor, most likely, approximately 10 days from the End Sale date. Some items will be hand delivered on specified dates. Additional shipping costs, if any, will be announced along with specifics of that particular sale before the Sale Start Date.

REFUND POLICY - Registration Fee is typically non-refundable. However under certain rare circumstances, should a player not be able to complete the season, for reasons such as a season ending injury, or other qualifying circumstance, refund of registration fee can be discussed.  Refund in whole or in-part may be granted, if aproved by the applicable Head Coach with Board Member approval.  Refunds for clothing or other items are subject to the refund poilcies of the vendor or manufacturer who provides said item. EYF cannot be held responsible for manufacturing or other defect, or failure of Equipment, clothing, or accessory items, such as mugs, hats, tailgate chairs, etc.

Privacy Policy - Information collected on this site will be used by Eagle Youth Football and Chase Bank for the processing of EYF registrations and potential purchasing and delivery of EYF products and/ or services only. It will not be shared or accessed by any third parties for any other purposes.