September 13, 2018


Many parents have been asking about buying EAGLE YOUTH FOOTBALL gear.

Our GEAR SALE is beginning NOW! There is an online store posted that we can access from

See Coach Walker who will be handing out full color catalogs at practice. The catalogs show the items we have available.

Players have opportunity to earn free items by reaching easily attainable goals.

The organization can raise a significant amount of funds from this sale.

FAN CLOTH is the #1 Apparel FUNDRAISER for schools and teams.


It's EASY... We have a catalog of cool items.

We have order forms - pick items from the catalog...

Give your friends, family, everyone we know opportunity to help SUPPORT EYF and get some cool gear.

Place your order from the catalog (or from the online store (

It's a FUNDRAISER... The more we sell, the more we make per item. (If you order from the online store, be sure to put the name of the player you want to present in the required field.)

See or ask Coach Walker for details.

It's really simple.. We can have our items in our hands within about 2 weeks of the when we place our order.. which will be about 2 weeks from today.

We want to have a sea of green & blue EYF swag at all of our games. We'll be geared up for our playoffs!