September 11, 2018


Please understand... The true issue that CJ leadership and EYF is confronting is *not* playing our Youth Football games.

EYF has not been *banned* from setting foot on CJ property, nor is EYF being "punished" by CJ, as some of our parents and players have guessed...

I am working with CJ to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Our response: CJ leadership is meeting TODAY (Sept 11). Our current prohibition from using CJ's facilities is currently set to end this Friday, (Sept 15). Our return to CJ's facilities this week is pending the result of the meeting today.

Therefore, as a contingency for our scheduled home games this Saturday,

I have contacted our opponents (Winton Woods - 6th & under; LaSalle - 7th) they have graciously agreed to host the games - if found to be necessary.

Our 8th grade was already scheduled to play AT Mad River this week. Please stay tuned. We have a full schedule of games for all of our teams for the rest of the season, as well as opportunities to make playoffs for post season play.

I will announce no later than the end of our practices TODAY, if we will be playing at home or away.

PLEASE BE PATIENT... I have presented a proposal to CJ leadership of measures I feel are necessary to provide EYF with requisite security. I have also been in contact with *the* most highly qualified Private Security resource available in our Ohio region. He is one of the most highly qualified and experienced security professionals in the country. He has protected dignitaries as notable as President(s) of the United States. He has endorsed my proposal as "solid."

We will resolve this matter. WE ARE IN NO DANGER OF CANCELLING OUR SEASON. Our season is not "a wash" as some have suggested. We are not, nor have we been PERMANENTLY "banned" from using CJ's facilities. We have not "lost" the ability to play a single game, nor will we.

I simply *cannot* allow our children to play our home games without a specific, planned ability to respond - in kind - to the type of situation that occurred that day. That is the ONLY issue we are confronting. We are putting together the correct measures with full cooperation and guidance of CJ leadership to mitigate the threat we are faced with. It is a process. Thank you for your continued understanding and patience.

I am also working with our opponents to help insure our safety at away games.

In this time of adversity, we adults, the parents, and coaches of our EYF children must remain resolute.

We must not allow ourselves to overreact to these things, and we certainly cannot allow our *children* to dictate what our steps in solution should be.

We coaches use the adversity that comes up in most EVERY game as a means to teach our players to band TOGETHER and face the adversity, standing shoulder to shoulder as *brothers* gives us our greatest opportunity for success in our games. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY for us to model our EAGLE YOUTH FOOTBALL VALUES. Stumble yes, fall maybe, but we will ALWAYS GET UP. ... and move forward - together.

We will emerge from this time of adversity a stronger, better, and SAFER organization for our children, our families, friends and the entire CJ community.

As always feel free to contact me with questions or for more details.

Thank you for choosing Eagle Youth Football.